About Us

We provide photography, graphic design, Passport photos, and printing services. Our mission is to provide you, the customer, with very affordable multi-media services helping you to advertise and move your ideas to print, web, film, DVD, internet video streams, or where ever you feel your dreams need to be taken.


Are you longing for a company that looks at each project from YOUR perspective? One who works to achieve YOUR objective and remains focused on YOUR target audience? Loma Linda Photo specializes in doing just that. We have all the technology and knowledge under one roof to handle any of your media needs. We can produce your next video, digitize it for the DVD-ROM project we create for you, then add it to the hip new web site we also create for you. We do it all, and under one roof means you don't have to run all over town getting it done!

We can also reformat and refurbish your existing video, audio, or multimedia applications into digital formats like DVD's and standard, and mini CD-ROMs.

Loma Linda Photo also specializes in doing passport photos for all countries in the world.



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